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Do President Obama’s most trusted advisers truly understand what caused the 2005 flood in New Orleans? On March 4-5, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region on a fact finding mission. That visit hosted by Senator Mary Landrieu D-LA and others was meant to demonstrate that the new Administration […]

why do I think that he could singlehandedly ruin Twitter, if its brand, community, and technology aren’t robust enough? I think mostly about how a fashion-forward digital brand can be reduced to a sort of flea market image, just by the actions and presence of a prevalence of certain kinds of members via Traffick: […]

the long and short of this story is that if you want to make sure that Google understands your blog to be your primary beacon on the web, then you should add the words rel=”me” to a relevant link on your blog. via Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Site About How to Use the New Internet (h/t […]

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How top companies are using Twitter for business: Building community and brand – Publishing – Customer service – Product feedback – Direct sales – Crisis management – Internal company communications Whether your company’s already on Twitter or just getting starting, you need to read the Shorty Report. via The Shorty Report is published by Sawhorse Research, the research arm of […]

While working the @CruiseDeals Twitter account I ran across @JanetEngel, Sales Director for Holland America Line, who invited me to join her new Facebook group, Social Media for Travel Industry Professionals…I jumped into the discussion forum to answer a question she posed, “How are you using social media currently?” Here’s my answer. via

“A lot of the time people will share information online and they’ll expect that they are anonymous,” Narayanan said in an interview. But if their identity can be ascertained on one social network, its possible to find out who they are on some other network, or at least make a “strong guess,” he said. via […]