Your Bar Tab

Your Bar Tab

Your Bar Tab

In the excitement, crowd and confusion of last night’s fantastic #CLTweetup, some of you didn’t settle up your entire bar tab, and I covered for you.

So if you had any of the drinks listed below, send me an email at and we’ll settle up!

1 – Paulaner Hefeweisen, $8
1 – Paulaner Hefeweisen, $8
1 – Stella Artois, $8 (claimed)
1 – Mojito, $8 (claimed)
1 – Glass of Wine, $8 (claimed)

Price listed includes tax, gratuity and “service fee.” 😉

Thank you very much for helping me out with this!


2 Responses to “Your Bar Tab”

  1. 1 ashpash

    Mmm. i love Paulaner AND Stella, but alas, I didn’t go. 😛

  2. 2 Wuori

    Looks like I missed out on $8 beer night. Hope you get to cross off the rest of these.

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