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From: Mark Malsick [] On Behalf Of WEATHERALERT Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 8:29 AM To: WEATHERALERT Subject: Tropical Storm Danny  Good Morning, “Chin, I want you to go to the Big Island and leave no stone un-turned” “Aw, Steve, that’s a lotta rocks.” Even corny Hawaii Five-O mid-watch schtick can’t hide the fact that […]

With more than 250 million users and great tools for brands, Facebook is an obvious place for brands to start engaging with their audiences. Facebook Pages were created specifically for the needs of businesses interested in reaching their audiences on Facebook. Creating a fan page is free and easy, but there are some common sense […]

Not everyone on Twitter can be boring. There’s a few of you out there who like Pills, Porn, Poker, Profanity, Politics, and Preachers. So which one are you? Not on the list? Get on it. Then tweet about it. It’s a #realthing. PILLS @benmarvin @SummerPlum @BrianDFrancis @kjannfischer PORN @benmarvin @SummerPlum @hushmel @kjannfischer @flc POKER @benmarvin […]

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Jucifer has announced plans to release the “super limited” Autocannibalist split EP with Show of Bedlam, due this fall on Choking Hazard Records. The band is currently streaming…black metal and blackened-doom leaning tracks on their myspace. The EP is exciting news, but it also provides an opportunity to report that the power grid is still […]

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Published: August 12, 2009 in KnowledgeBrah@EmoryBrah While it may come as no surprise that six million-plus brahs of Barack Obama have earned the U.S. president the number one page on Facebrah, the next two largest Facebrah brah pages are surprising: as of April 2009, a page devoted to The Coca-Cola Company (boasting nearly three and […]