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Creating a lively, responsive Facebook fan base is much easier when you give them a Facebook Page that triggers interaction. Content will always be the best way to inspire engagement, but if your Facebook Page is clunky, visitors won’t find that content – and they’ll leave. Clunky defined… (full article…) via Powered by John […]

Fast growing startup Twitter will soon be joining a select group of startups with private venture round valuations of $1 billion. (full article…) via TechCrunch | (by Michael Arrington)

In our haste to build the smartest, most fault-redundant network, and the best hardware, what many forget is the somber fact that the human “fallibility quotient” remains unchanged. By that, I mean the ability for the best of us to make mistakes, or for crucial oversights to happen. Ironically, while human errors committed under the […]

The discussion of the value of Facebook for many B2B companies is a valid one. The truth is that it is not the best engagement platform for all B2B companies. However, it is a great fit for some. The problem is that most B2B companies are only using Facebook for a small fraction of what […]