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Social media purists have laid down the law and, so, to participate in social media as a business, you must do things like, “participate in the conversation,” “engage your customers,” and “talk with us not to us.” I’ve got news for you. In the world of business, all that talk will get you exactly nowhere. […]

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Ok, here’s my list of the top Twitter people/users/tweeple in Charlotte. Or #TopCLTTweeples. Or something. Sorry if I don’t think that other list was good enough or whatever, you just gotta do some research. So if I forgot you, sorry, make your own fuckin list. I like lists, we need more. Alphabetically order to avoid […]

When members of the Miami Social Media Community heard that we were bring 50 Social Media Leaders from across the U.S. down to Miami to cruise across the Caribbean for 4 days, they contacted me immediately. They wanted to take the opportunity to meet as many of us in person and send us off properly […]

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the Army Corps of Engineers’ failure to properly maintain a navigation channel led to massive flooding in Hurricane Katrina, a decision that could make the federal government vulnerable to billions of dollars in claims. (full article…) via Posted via web from Engine No. 9

How to tell if someone just got back from #socruise: Look for sunburn only on the back of their neck & their thumbs. j/k!! via Posted via web from Social Fresh Cruise

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