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Apple plans to upgrade their users almost over night to a cloud music service in an ambitious move to beat Amazon and others to a cloud music service. Apple’s recent acquisition of digital music startup Lala rekindled speculation of an iTunes subscription service…but after talking to a wide variety of insider sources it’s clear there […]

I wasn’t sure about Jucifer – sludge metal isn’t really my music – but I was interested to see a hardcore band with a female lead. Some of the songs I dialed up online were curiously beautiful, and I hoped we’d hear those. But their live show is brutal and relentless from the moment Amber […]

Tumblr and Posterous are the two most prominent “tumblogging” sites, i.e. sites that make blogging more straightforward by making it easier to post media. Both were launched within six months. (Actually, Posterous was started later than Tumblr.) But now Tumblr has been an Alexa Top 100 site for a while and is still growing strong. Meanwhile […]

I asked Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal how Posterous will actually make money. His answer was simple. Charge for business and commercial use of Posterous…One of Posterous’ first “clients” is Coca-Cola, which is definitely a good first start. Coca-Cola is using Posterous for its NCAA “Dept of Fannovation” where people can come up with ideas to […]

The LTC’s Capital Access Special Interest Group presents:   “Angel Investing – What it is and how to get it”   Choose Taurman and Clayton White, Directors of the South Coast Angel Fund, will review the basics of angel investing and discuss how entrepreneurs and investors looking for capital should approach angel investment groups.    […]

With Twitter being such a hot trend right now, research firms have been anxious to study how people are using the social platform, and analyze trends in aggregate view. One such company, data analytics provider, Pear Analytics, set out to study the contents of our tweets to determine if, in fact, we’re all just sharing […]