Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers


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Does that mean Twitter’s follower counts are lying? No. Instead, Twitter accounts that have over half a million followers listed actually represent (at most) a few hundred thousand people who’ve chosen to become organic followers of someone, along with millions who are passively along for the ride. Some of them are inactive users, some are spammers, some just ignore the noise of the accounts that don’t interest them, like spam in an email inbox. But they can’t count as “followers” in any meaningful sense. A few people have asked what my goal is in writing about the experience of being on the [Twitter’s suggested user] list…Well, perhaps the best way to articulate it is that I think the list is being used as a useful fiction for distorting the value and promise of this new medium. (full article…)

Anil Dash | Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers


2 Responses to “Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers”

  1. I don’t mind the abstract with link to the full article format but what really just fucked with me was this:

    this new medium. (full article…)


    Anil Dash | Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers

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    Every single line in the last 4 lines of what I can identify as the story has a link, the top three all linking to… the same story? The department of redundancy department called, it wants 2/3 of those links back pls.

    Other than that, OHAILYELL! O HAIL YELL!

    • 2 93octane

      I see you point and realize what you are saying. 🙂 Curious, though, how did you find the post here? I broadcasted it to Twitter via Posterous, which would have brought you back to my Posterous instead of here.

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