Jucifer Melts Down Volume 11


I wasn’t sure about Jucifer – sludge metal isn’t really my music – but I was interested to see a hardcore band with a female lead. Some of the songs I dialed up online were curiously beautiful, and I hoped we’d hear those.

But their live show is brutal and relentless from the moment Amber Valentine slashes out an opening chord. We were doomed.


I think I counted 13 amps in their stack, driving sound in brain-melting waves through a towering white wall of speakers. I’ve never heard anything that loud in my life. Fog erupted from multiple points and wove its way in and out of pulsing laser spikes, and a set of blinding white floodlights sent regular shock treatments directly into the upturned faces of the crowd. Edgar B. Livengood may be the heaviest drummer on earth, and a small group of worshippers crowded the monitors at the front of his colossal drumset, begging for his blessing.

She growled and her guitar screamed; he destroyed the drums. I have no idea what songs they played, and I don’t think it mattered. Their show is a howling juggernaut; it was bow or be crushed. Some didn’t survive. (full review…)

the glowing edge | Jucifer Melts Down Volume 11 (by Lisa Creech Bledsoe, @glowbird)

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