Apple’s Secret Cloud Strategy And Why Lala Is Critical


Apple plans to upgrade their users almost over night to a cloud music service in an ambitious move to beat Amazon and others to a cloud music service.

Apple’s recent acquisition of digital music startup Lala rekindled speculation of an iTunes subscription service…but after talking to a wide variety of insider sources it’s clear there is no upcoming Apple subscription service and Apple has far different plans…Lala will play a critical role in Apple’s music future, but not for the reasons cited above.

What is of value is the personal music storage service which was an often overlooked component of Lala’s business…The Lala setup process provides software to store a personal music library online and then play it from any web browser alongside web songs they vend. This technology plus the engineering and management team is the true value of Lala to Apple.

An upcoming major revision of iTunes will copy each user’s catalog to the net making it available from any browser or net connected ipod/touch/tablet. The Lala upload technology will be bundled into a future iTunes upgrade which will automatically be installed for the 100+ million itunes users with a simple “An upgrade is available…” notification dialog box. After installation iTunes will push in the background their entire media library to their personal mobile iTunes area. Once loaded, users will be able to navigate and play their music, videos and playlists from their personal URL using a browser based iTunes experience.

Apple will link the tens of millions of previously sold iPods, Touches, AppleTV and iTablets to mobile iTunes giving users seamless playback of their media from a wide range of Apple branded devices. (full article…)

TechCrunch | Apple’s Secret Cloud Strategy And Why Lala Is Critical (by Michael Robertson, Guest Author)


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